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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Last night had the occasion to visit this place, as I was in Atlanta for a conference. In a word, wow.
It's only been open a couple of months. Before the opening, the would-be proprietor--a transplanted New Yorker named Jeff who complained he couldn't get good pizza in Atlanta--hosted pizza parties in his home. Apparently those became so famous, people said, "You need to open a restaurant." Which he did.
What I liked most about the "pie": Fresh ingredients and the thin crust.
Those who introduced me to Varasano's were friends and former colleagues Jennifer Brett and Charlie Gay, aka, the Social Butterfly and CTG. Jennifer said she somehow squired an invite to Jeff Varasano's house for one of the famous parties, then wrote about it. Then the Times wrote about it. So appreciative of the Butterfly, Jeff stopped by our table last night and said next time to ask for the "VIP oregano."
Next time you're in the ATL, you oughtta go.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Woman, 66, becomes mother

Check this out.
Can you imagine?!
I have a friend whose best friend gave birth to twins when she was 48, about six years ago. But this other one takes the cake.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Albert Schweitzer

"Do something for somebody everyday for which you do not get paid."
-- Albert Schweitzer, theologian/physician (1875-1965)

Monday, May 25, 2009

There 4 U

Great piece in the Times about the toll of texting (or text-messaging). Adults clucking about the sad state of affairs that their teens text all the time (and in the middle of the night!); and yet many of the parents are texting as well.
When I was a teen (oh-so-many years ago), our technology escape was music through a Walkman (the precursor to the iPod). There has to be that separation between the generations, of course, as teens begin disengaging from the nest. Texting takes it to another level.
What say you?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Yay, Carmen

Congrats to our young friend Carmen Williams, who is graduating (as we speak) from high school. In the fall, she'll go to this school, which happens to be Husband's alma mater.
Good luck, Carmen!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


This is a drug used experimentally, and now cautiously, in the treatment of Lou Gehrig's disease. Interesting article in the Times last Sunday about one family's fight to get it for a family member.
Heartbreaking. On the one hand, you can see the agony (especially of the man's mother) and quest to get the drug. Yet, the drug companies and the F.D.A. must exercise caution. (Thus patients and their families are caught in a bind because they're fighting a clock.)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ride of Silence

From the Columbus Cycling Club:

7 p.m. Wednesday at the Bandstand in Lakebottom Park.

From the press release: Our ride will begin promptly at 7 p.m and will take place in silence. The route will take us on the same course as last year, from Lakebottom left on 17th toward Broadway, making a circle through downtown and returning to Lakebottom and continuing down Cherokee to Edgewood to Auburn Ave and up Cross Country Hill to Wells and right on 17th until Cherokee, then left and back to the bandshell at Lakebottom.

Our ride leader is Jeff Davis, who is a courageous bicycle injury survivor, great road cyclist, and inspiration to us all. We are all very grateful and proud to have him leading us this year. We will have police escort and will all hopefully be able to ride in silence for 8 or so miles through the heart of our city at a greatly reduced speed (maybe 8-10 mph avg). Please remember that we would all like to remain together on this ride and solidified in our purpose, which is to respect and remember those who have been killed or injured on bicycles. This is a worldwide event. Check out the website and read the stories here.

Remember, folks, this is not designed as a fast ride or a competition race. Safety rules. Please remember that there will be cars on the course and that we are to follow all rules of the road, including stopping at traffic lights unless escorted by police. We will follow all traffic laws. Use your common sense when around cars. We will try our best to have police at road crossings, but inevitably that might not happen. Just use common sense when trying to stay with our (hopefully) large group. Please come, ride whatever kind of bike you want, and join in on this meaningful ride to support cycling and better community.

A post ride potluck meal is planned directly after the ride. Drinks and dessert will be provided. This will be a great time for us to fellowship with each other.

Monday, May 18, 2009

7-digit update

A few days ago, I wrote about two friends who appeared to have the same cell phone number--or, I thought, one's old number became the number of the other.
Today, the mystery was solved. When I entered Friend A's number into my call list, I got one of the digits wrong. The wrong number happened to be the right number for Friend B. How weird is that?

Widespread panic

This is intriguing.
Apparently, we are a people programmed to worry; and if we don't have something to worry about, we FIND something. About 10 years ago, at a wedding rehearsal dinner, I was seated next to a woman I knew pretty well. She stated, flat-out, that she was currently worried about bears--as in, the kind that attack. The city where she lived is nowhere near a bear habitat. And even if it were, she didn't exactly reside in the woods.
Which I guess makes the point of this study.
What do you think, Internet?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bud Allen

To keep up with Mt. Everest climber and local businessman Bud Allen, see his blog here.
Go, Bud!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A 7-digit coincidence

So. My friend Colleen was in a wreck today. (She's fine, as I found out later.) I called her husband first and left him a message. Then I called her, and a man's voice--that gave the name Shawn--was on the voice mail greeting; I didn't leave a message because I figured Colleen changed cell numbers.
Then I called a mutual friend of mine and Colleen's to get the scoop on the accident. As I was talking to him, I could tell someone was trying to call me. I figured it was Colleen or her husband. When I checked the message, it was another friend (not connected to these people) who said, Hey, I see you tried to call me. Call me back and if I can't talk, leave a message. He is Shawn.
Now what are the odds that one of my friends changes cell numbers and another friend gets that same number?
The mind reels.

Monday, May 11, 2009


OK, first of all, great name. Rhymes with take-out. Steak delivered like pizza. Love puns.
But second, the (copyrighted) wording under it says "Char-broiled Delivery." Is this a way of saying you get delivery of meat that is charbroiled? Because the way it's written indicates the delivery person comes to your door wearing a "smoking" jacket.
How about this? Char-broiled. Delivery.
Steak-Out, please add a period. Thanks.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bad writing, good topic

Internet, have you ever started reading a book, whose topic you like but the writing is so bad you just have to put it down? And not just the writing, but bad punctuation, bad grammar and typos? It's like eating a bad meal in someone's home; you want to be polite so you suffer your way through it. I kept trying to press on, but I finally gave up.
In the way-off chance the author would tune in to this blog, I won't give his name or the title of said book. Suffice it to say, I just couldn't get past page 22.
I will tell you that it's self-published (which is not automatically a reason for dismissal); but it reads as if he wrote down everything on a napkin and it went straight through the printer.
Bless his heart.

Food Blossoms

What a great idea. Picked up this flier yesterday at Market Days downtown:
What: Intimate, reservation-only dinners for you and your friends to enjoy served on a local farm including appetizer, salad, entree with sides, dessert, espresso or hot or iced tea. Cost is $40 per person.
When: Fridays, May 15, June 19, July 24 and Aug. 21
Where: Jenny-Jack Sun Farms, Pine Mountain, Ga.
You can make reservations by calling 706-718-6990 or email Shannon@foodblossoms.com (also see foodblossoms.com for more information).

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Downtown scenes

Most Saturday mornings, when the weather's nice, a group of us meet downtown for coffee. You are welcome to join us, anytime. We come across the most interesting collection of people--some we know, some downtown residents and/or people who make their living downtown.
Between my friend Bebe's dogs, and her son's dog, there's usually a lot of excitement. Especially when another canine comes along who threatens their territory.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It Just Doesn't Matter

What a memorable movie clip, from "Meatballs." (Bill Murray happens to be one of my faves.) Very little to do with health and fitness but here you go.

Everest Base Camp

So you probably know you can climb Mount Everest (that is, if you're in fantastic shape and you have the funds and the drive); but until recently, I didn't know you could do this base camp trek. A friend of mine's son is going there soon. You can go either to a north base camp (via Tibet) or south (via Nepal). You may scoff at heading to base camp only; but check out the itinerary. Wowza.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eugene Robinson

Great Q/A with Eugene Robinson, a columnist with the Washington Post.
It follows this piece he had today about the possible demise of the Boston Globe.
If anyone out there has any great ideas about how to save this business (as I dutifully type on my newspaper-connected blog), do feel free to let me know. As soon as possible.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Scarlett and Rhett

The parents went to a symphony fundraiser last night in period costume.
Mom said: "When you get our age, you have to create your own fun!"
Aren't they cute?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Holey shorts II

Regular readers of this blog will note that I had a "smallish" hole in my bike shorts--which turned into a "biggish" hole--a few weeks ago. Didn't think it was that outrageous until a few people noticed and I was embarrassed mightily.
Well, if history don't repeat itself!
The other night at Spin class I had on an old pair that was slightly worn around the edges. After class, a kind woman who had been Spinning behind me discreetly told me I had--yes--holes in them. I told her the woeful tale from a few weeks ago. We laughed about it. Then I went home and threw these away.
This latest mishap is somewhat better than the last time because Spin class happens inside. It's somewhat dark, and the only person or persons who could see the holes were right behind me.
Apologies to them!, but at least I wasn't mooning the whole world like last time.