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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Homecoming 2011: Daddy leaving hospital

Breaking news: My dad is leaving the rehab hospital today! It was five weeks ago today, right about now, as I type this, when he had emergency surgery at St. Francis Hospital. What a journey it's been.
From the beginning, there was great risk. Risk of infection and even death. I will never forget the surgeon telling me and my mom that he might not come off the table. But he did and he did well and he lost 30 pounds in the process. (Not the way to go, however.)
We are so pleased with his care, both at St. Francis and at Regional Rehab in Phenix City. The staff at both places could not have been more caring.
In addition, my mom deserves a medal for her great love and care for Daddy. She's been by his side the whole way.
Will post a photo later. Happy weekend, y'all.

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